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Combine packaging and digital services to give more power in campaigning. Single platform for all campaigns. Get inspired.


Our service packages. Ask for more information.


Get started easily. On the basic service level you have 2500 unique ID’s in use per month. You get also a full access to our Lottery and Warranty services which are easy to configure. You can already deliver a simple campaign.


Get a full access to our product information and social sharing service. The most common way of using our social sharing is a social tasting campaign. Get Inspired here. Advanced package is the first level where you can enjoy the PackageMedia Analytics tool.


Along with the Enterprise service package you have a full access to all services on the platform. Want to integrate your brand and packaging to a 3D experience? How about creating a Customer Loyalty Program through your packaging? That can be done with PackageBonus. We can help you develop new customer paths to different sales channels.

PackageMedia Partner (”Industrial Packaging Service”)

You can rent our patented campaign platform to your use by becoming a reseller or consulting partner. Get all the digital services and API in use and start developing your own value adding services. As a partner you get great benefits. If you wan’t to hear more about becoming a partner, contact us here.

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