Campaign Analytics




Show me the data. Bring me the results. Here you go, the data is collected from packages that are used in campaigns. 


Deeper knowledge.

PackageMedia Campaign Analytics truly changes the monthly sales and marketing meetings. You can see in real time which products are consumed and where. You can start the dialogue with your dealers by using the data. Why do we have activity only in ten of the thirty locations you have promised?’

What is the lead time from production floor to the hands of the consumer? Where do we have the most active clients? Do we have clients we know nothing about? How do they consume our products?

Campaign analytics can answer these questions and many more in real time because we collect the data from the Campaign platform online. The data can also be enriched in many ways. From weather information to sales locations everything is possible.

The campaign analytics can be purchased as a part of the Advanced and Enterprise service packages. You can purchase a user license one by one from your reseller or directly from PackageMedia. We can also integrate your existing analytics tools. Contact us!