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Lapua packaging

Club / Ranking

Nammo Lapua

An exclusive club for your customer where you can rank by their purchasing activity. Share exclusive content and reward them. Wan’t to have a tribe or a kingdom of your own? Now it is possible.


Social shelf - Sharing

Elovena Porridge

Get people sharing their advices for life ’Everything is going to be all right’ or ’a big boy collects his toys himself after playing’. Share it in Twitter. Print it on the cover of the package. Get shared again.


Licence management


Every package includes a unique license code. You can download the product online by entering the unique license code. At the same time the unique id's create a possibility for online campaigns.



Kouvolan Lakritsi

Amazingly effective but simple way to get people scanning the products like maniacs. Just give something back. Maybe a new product you want them to taste? The service adjusts to how many registrations are coming in.


Recipe Gathering

Valio Koskenlaskija

Gather recipes and share them in products package. Not one or two recipes. Thousands of new recipes and you can find one of your own in the supermarket shelf one day. 




Register an extra warranty to your product. Create more value to the product on the shelf.


Questionnaire / feedback


Register an extra warranty to your product. Create more value to the product on the shelf.


Social Shelf - Tasting

Elovena Porridge

Let people send small messages to their friends and beloved ones in a small sample package of your product. Create amazing physical viral campaigns when people are receiving the products and tweeting about them.

Kouvolan Lakritsi, Kouvolan kaupunki

Package Tailoring

Kouvolan Lakritsi

Tailor your packages according to what your customer want it to look like. Share children drawings or  tailor corporate brand for example.

Lapua packaging

Product information

Lapua Mobile

Deliver more information to the demanding clients. For Lapua it means batch specific calibrating information. For you? Live feed from your production facilities? Traceability information? What did it look like outside when the sun was going down?