Digital Packages




As a digital packaging partner PackageMedia can offer you all of the digital packaging services, campaign services and analytics services from the same place.


Lean Packages & digital warehousing 

 Because of our agile production system we are able to provide packages to our clients on an on-demand based Lean production. You can cut your warehousing costs to a minimum and digitize your entire package stocks. Financing your package stock is not very smart packaging. Smart packaging means low stocks and low waste. We can provide virtual stocks and very short lead times. And with this we mean that nobody keeps it in stock.


Industrial digital carton production

We can offer you the most flexible packaging production with the costs of a traditional packaging services. We enable you to react quickly to changing needs on the market. Flexible production equipment, high print quality, as well as the possibility to print variable information and different security elements on the package provide a wealth of new possibilities. 


New artwork costs 0,00€

When you are using our contract based production you are able to change the artwork to your packages on the fly. No need to order plates because we do not use them. 


Brand Management

Got the colors right? We did. By using the digipress machines we are able to give stabile quality through the entire production batch of packages. Furthermore, we specialise in medical packaging, and our production plant has been audited and approved by Pharma Industry Finland. We do every package in the same way so we do not leave room for error.


As low as 72 hour lead time

72 hours from order to delivery. This is what you can get as a contract based client from PackageMedia. Ous normal cycle is 1-2 weeks but in case something happens in your normal supply chain, we are ready to help you!